We are a family-owned company based in Istanbul that has been involved in weaving since 1976. Thanks to the experience we have gained in the field of weaving over the years, we have designed the rugs we produce today.

We weave our rugs on special looms and finish them with handcrafting techniques. With our wide range of colors and variety of patterns, we produce each rug on order, tailored specifically to each customer's preferences. We adhere to the principle of limitless service, creating personalized designs according to our customers' choices. We strive to enhance customer satisfaction both during and after the shopping experience.

Our Mission

We are a weaving company that aims to enrich family life. We believe that every home is a unique creation built on the shared emotions and values of the family, making it a special sanctuary. By producing innovative rugs that cater to different rooms in different homes, we fulfill our mission. Through our rugs, we offer our customers the opportunity to reflect their own style in their homes.

Our Vision

Throughout our history, we have been working towards designing different products. With the experience and passion we pass down from generation to generation, we aim to constantly push our craftsmanship forward. Our goal is to introduce our company and products to the world and to represent our country in our field.

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